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Automatisierter Fotogrammetrischer Rohholz-Vermessungs-Service

Automated photogrammetric survey services for big and small stacks of deciduous wood and coniferous wood in the value chain forestry and timber industry. AFoRS is a photogrammetric survey service based on the Internet for the calculation of the volume of wood, the number of stocks as well as the distribution of the thickness classes of big and small stacks of industrial wood. By dint of AFoRS logistics processes from the forest into the factory will be seriously speed up as well as expenses for fuel and staff will be clearly reduced through the loss of an additional manual survey commissary, a forester or a buying agent for wood as well as their additional approach to the stack. AFoRS effects an increase of the efficiency of the biological resource wood within the value chain. AFoRS secures a rise of the competitive ability of SME like lumberjack companies, communities of forest enterprises, forestry unifications, transport and lumber trade companies as well as forest enterprises of the publicly and state owned forests.

Through the use of AFoRS following progresses are expected:

  • abolition of a separate survey procedure of the stacks of timber through a forester or a buying agent
  • automated survey of stacks and data deposition on a service system
  • fast and efficient exchange of information without media disruptions resp. manual interfaces
  • contemporary granting of harvest data for process involved parties like the industry
  • automated support of decision-making (minimization of mistakes)
  • auditability of data on the base of existing initial images
  • verifiability of the amount of the harvest
  • economization of the costs for transportation, fuel and staff
  • clear increase of the efficiency of the business processes of many smaller and average forest and logistics enterprises
  • rise of the competitive ability of SME in the sector of forestry

AFoRS supports the process automation in the timber industry on the side of many small and medium forest, trade and transport companies. Furthermore, the comparability of planable and available resource of industrial wood based on location, amount of wood and quality leads to a possible economization of unnecessary transports by sea or continental routes. Additional uses of AFoRS are located in the inventory of timber and the calculation of the amount on storage areas of big industrial fabricators of wood as well as in seaports and the stockyards of trains.