Project aims

Within the AFoRS project there are two defined innovative and substantial technical aims of the work. One task is the automated image data analysis. The second technical aim of the work is the realization of a correlative image processing resp. data calculation system. Data acquisition, data transmission, EIP- service system, photogrammetric calculations (survey), analysis algorithm, data presentation as well as the hardware for the acquisition and the technical equipment have to be coordinated and to be switched into an automated workflow.

The acquisition of the stacks will be realised in several images and further process meta data (GPS position, wood species, contract, etc.). Subsequently the data is transferred to the processing platform EIPĀ® via mobile telephone. In context of the image processing the photos will be joined, calibrated, optimized, corrected (angles), etc. Finally the user gets an image of the stack as well as calculated parameters like the volume, the distribution of the thickness classes of the wood trunk segments as well as further meta information. These data can be consulted for the further processing in the value chain. Special advantages ensure from the fast availability of the data as well as from the possible traceability of the data on the base of the existing images.